High Octane Alternative
First, use DynoBoost to fully clean your engine. Use KoolFuel™ every tank to let you safely push the limits of your fuel. KoolFuel™ is the upper-cylinder lubricant fuel additive that increases horsepower and eliminates the need for high-octane gasoline.

Diablos KoolFuel™ has polarizing properties to adhere to cylinder walls and flame fronts to lower the temperature of the combustion process.
Does Your Car Suffer from Premature Combustion?
Over time, the combustion chambers develop “hot spots”, which can trigger the fuel mixture to explode prior to the spark plug igniting. The result is knocking and pinging, and reduced horsepower and fuel efficiency (up to a 20% loss).

KoolFuel™ cools the combustion chamber, stopping
pre-ignition at its source: the hot spots.
High Octane is Not the Answer for the Pre-Ignition Problem.
“Octane” is a rating that tells you how much the fuel can be compressed before it spontaneously ignites.

High-octane gasoline reduces pre-ignition, but does nothing about the root cause of pre-ignition – hot spots.

Approximately 10% of the cars on the road require high-octane gasoline. However, some estimate that over 30% of car owners purchase high-octane gasoline with hopes of getting higher performance. It is a $5 bet that doesn’t pay off very well.

KoolFuel™ is the high performance, low-cost alternative to high octane surcharges.
Octane Boosters Damage Your Engine and the Environment
KoolFuel™ is the environmentally friendly alternative to octane boosters.

Octane Boosters are added to the tank before filling up. They generate a relative power increase by using metal-based compounds that short-circuit the pre-ignition chain reaction, allowing the spark plug to ignite the fuel mixture for maximum horsepower.

However, the metal compounds leave harmful iron or manganese residue on all of the combustion chamber parts, which can lead to catastrophic failure.

Currently, the
EPA is considering regulatory changes that would ban the current compounds used in octane boosters due to emissions issues.

KoolFuel™ is organically based, safe for the environment and actually protects engine parts from wear, extending engine life.

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