Diesel Engines need lubricity from diesel fuel to prevent catastrophic failure. Until recently, sulfur in the fuel mixture provided the necessary lubrication to keep these tight engines running smoothly.

Now the EPA is forcing the transition to low-sulfur diesel, leaving diesel fuel without sufficient lubricity.
Diablos new Devil Juice is a biodiesel-based additive with many properties that boost performance of the engine and the diesel fuel.
Devil Juice has highly polarized lubricant agents to protect the diesel engines from the catastrophic failure that can occur from using the stripped down diesel.

Devil Juice restores lost horsepower with powerful solvents that clean the fuel system.

Devil Juice contains a strong cetane booster to increase flash point and of your diesel fuel.

Devil Juice improves the performance of all vehicles that use diesel fuel, from big rigs, to passenger cars, to boats.

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