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10/12/07 DiabloFuels.com has successfuly launched with three fantastic product formulations, tons of free goodies on the Plunder section and great buys in the Merchandise section. Our Model Search is heating up, so don't forget to register for you chance to be the next Ms.Devlynn.
Houston Grand Prix
April 25-27, 2008
JAGFlo Speedway at
Reliant Park
DiabloFuels has three product formulations for gasoline and diesel engine use in automotive, motorcycle, off-road, and marine applications.

KoolFuel™ is the upper-cylinder lubricant fuel additive that increases horsepower and eliminates the need for high-octane gasoline.

DynoBoostis the complete fuel system cleaner from Diablo Fuels. It out-performs the other leading brands in restoring horsepower while also lowering your vehicle’s octane requirement.

Devil Juiceis a biodiesel-based additive with many properties that boost performance of diesel engines and the diesel fuel itself.

In addition to posters and calenders of our beautiful SheDevils , we have added T-Shirts, mugs, steins, buttons, bumper-stickers and more to our merchandise pages.
Registration is open for your chance to be the next Ms.Devlynn. Sign up here.

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